Lucas Greene

Social Media Editor

Lucas Greene

Lucas recently joined the Social Media team at RPGFan so that he could have an excuse to talk about RPGs with more people more often. He would probably get around to playing more new games if he stopped re-playing SNES games and playing too much (just enough?) Dungeons and Dragons. All the gaming is a great way to escape from corporate IT drudgery at the end of the day. He also appreciates spreadsheets, the Oxford Comma, and Brandon Sanderson novels.

Favourite Games/Series

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals, Chrono Trigger, Trials of Mana, Hades, Celeste, Pokémon, XCOM, Fallout

Favourite Genres

Metroidvanias, Tactical and Turn-Based RPGs, Platformers

Misc Interests

Tabletop RPGs, Board Games, Magic: The Gathering

Time at RPGFan

January 2023–Present

Where I'm From

Iowa, USA