Lucy Gray

Social Media Editor

Lucy Gray

Special Education Teacher by day, freelance illustrator and game nerd at night, Lucy joined RPGFan's Social Media team in 2018, mostly to prove to her students she really does know about video games (they still don't believe her). Self declared blurb queen, she spends most of her time here making bad puns and trying to be pithy, when not manning her one woman campaign for a HD remake of Persona 4.

Favourite Games/Series

Persona, Ni No Kuni, Ace Attorney, Shadow Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, King's Quest, Etrian Odyssey

Favourite Genres

JRPGs, Fantasy & Science Fiction Games

Misc Interests

Art, Illustration, Archery, Education and Board Games

Time at RPGFan

October 2018–Present

Where I'm From

Boston, MA