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Hylian Highlights: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda | Enigmatic Easter Eggs

Hylian Highlights Enigmatic Easter Eggs Featured

We debated whether these were really “secrets” or “easter eggs,” but whatever you call these things, they’re but a handful of examples of the Zelda series’ wonderful attention to detail and things you sometimes have to really go out of your way to find. Sometimes your curiosity leads to reward in the form of an item or money, but often, it’s the act of discovery itself that is the true reward.

Earthly Constellations (The Wind Waker)

By Stephanie Sybydlo

Earthly Constellations as seen in The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker.
Image credit: Did You Know Gaming?

Three major star clusters are seen in The Wind Waker‘s beautiful night sky: Orion, the Big Dipper, and Cassiopeia. Orion is the famous Greek mythological hero, and likely a subtle reference to our own Hero of Winds. Even cooler? It’s a constellation photographed in Tetra’s room, perhaps subtly suggesting that Tetra is searching for her lucky star. The Big Dipper is perhaps the most well-known constellation, with its seven stars being a curiously good match with the game’s seven sages. Finally, Cassiopeia is from another Greek myth about a queen whose vanity led to Poseidon flooding the country (which, well, suits The Wind Waker‘s overworld, doesn’t it?).

Distracted Enemies (Various)

By Stephanie Sybydlo

Fighting Demise with Bug Net in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Image credit: Simpoldood/YouTube

No matter how fierce some of Zelda‘s biggest baddies are, a number of them are helpless against Link’s loaded arsenal. No no, not the sword and bombs, but the other stuff! Majora’s Bremen Mask will play a tune that has even Ikana’s undead guards join in to dance. Twilight Princess‘ Ganondorf will drop his guard should you pull out a fishing rod during what should be a sword fight, and Skyward Sword‘s Demise is unable to grasp why the hero would bring out a bug net into battle (seen above). And generally any combination of items thrown at Bokoblins tend to produce a variety of effects. The Zelda series has probably some of best attention to detail and tons of creative item uses out there, often ensuring several enemy reactions depending on the items used against them, making experimentation both key and just a good time.

“THIEF!” (Link’s Awakening)

By Some Moblin

THIEF, Link sneaking an item out behind the shopkeeper's back in The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening

We’re taught from a young age to not steal things; so you’re quite adequately punished when you try to steal from Mabe Village’s trusted shopkeep. Should you defy his warning and not pay for wares, you are renamed “THIEF” (in caps) for the rest of the game and you’ll be “forced to pay a price” if you revisit the shop — hope you saved your game!

Brigo asks you to choose life (Breath of the Wild)

By Stephanie Sybydlo

Brigo is a rather ordinary adventurer making his merry way across Hyrule when he happens upon Link at the Proxim Bridge in the West Necluda Region. He sees Link take a step up on the worn bridge’s edge. Brigo’s eyes widen, filled with dread for why the young man would now put both feet up on the edge of a tall bridge! What sorrow is clouding this hero’s life? Quickly running to Link, Brigo asks him kindly to reconsider, to choose life and not to jump! Brigo seems to be a compassionate young man who has your best interest at heart, and he’ll stick around if you need to talk.

Stephanie Sybydlo

Stephanie Sybydlo

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