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The 20 Best RPG Moms: Part 2

The 20 Best RPG Moms and 2 Bad Ones Featured

We at RPGFan wanted to give some appreciation to the mothers out there on this Mother’s Day, so we’ve compiled a list who we feel are the 20 Best RPG Moms, along with commentary. Some are incredibly giving, some are complex, and two…well…let’s just say the last two are antagonists where those mother-child bonds come into play. It all goes to show the sheer power of that relationship. These are a bunch of cases where those particular relations quite literally changed the world, so remember to appreciate and honor those types of attachments in your own life, no matter what form they may take. Enjoy!

If you’re starting on this page, this is part two! Be sure to also read the first half of our best RPG moms on page 1. Be sure to also check out our companion feature, The 30 Best RPG Dads!

Intro by Hilary Andreff

Hazuki Kashiwabara [Lotus] (999)

Writeup by Audra Bowling

999 screenshot of Hazuki Kashiwabara aka Lotus dressed as a belly dancer with a male companion in a vest watching as she types at a computer.
Image credit: Zero Escape Wiki

Hazuki Kashiwabara, also known by her codename Lotus, is a no-nonsense woman with many skills and an air of mystery. As players delve deeper into the Nonary Game, they learn that Lotus is the mother of two daughters, both of whom had suffered a tragic experience. As a mom, Lotus wants to figure out exactly what her children endured. It is clear from how Lotus talks about her kids that she loves and cares for them very much, and that she wishes she could better understand what they’d gone through in order to help them. Motherhood adds yet another psychologically complex layer to one of 999‘s many fascinating characters.

Juli Mizrahi, MOMO’s “Mom” (Xenosaga series)

Writeup by Tyler Trosper

Xenosaga screenshot of Juli Mizrahi, a woman with short brown hairwearing a black and maroon sweater and vest, in a futuristic common room.
Image credit: Xenosaga Wiki

At first, you wouldn’t guess Juli Mizrahi would be on a list for Best RPG Moms. In the beginning of the Xenosaga series, Juli is very standoffish around MOMO, a biological android who just so happens to be based on her deceased daughter, Sakura. The mere sight of her daughter’s likeness ushers in a wave of painful memories from Juli’s past. However, after seeing the courage and kindness within MOMO, Juli no longer views her as a copy of Sakura. She begins to see MOMO as an individual — a completely separate daughter. It may have taken her a while to come to grips with her motherhood, but Juli accepts her second daughter and would do anything for her.

Lilly, Justin’s Mom (Grandia)

Writeup by Hilary Andreff

Grandia screenshot of Lilly in the kitchen with the dialogue, My little troublemaker. You could at least help, if you're going to be in the kitchen.
Image credit: Grandia Wiki

It takes a special (and…surprisingly patient?) mother to raise a son like Grandia‘s Justin, but Lilly is always up to the task and ready with a delicious meal. Or a tray. Or both. She’s taking none of his sass and is famous in her own right as the owner of the Seagull Restaurant. Based on the letter she gives Justin before he leaves home, though, she cares deeply about him and knows him well enough to predict his going in search of adventure. Of course, you later learn that Lilly is, in fact, Lilly the Skull and spent her early adulthood as a pirate before settling down with Justin’s father. That really explains a lot; Parm would be a lot less lively without her and Justin.

Yohn (Suikoden Tactics)

Writeup by Audra Bowling

Suikoden Tactics artwork of Yohn, a sullen woman with goat hooves and horns in a ruffled blue and white dress.
Image credit: Suikoden Wiki

Well, going too much into Yohn’s motherhood storyline might be a bad idea since it is a major plot point in the game. (Probably best not to think about how she has goat limbs!) Her story is handled really well in Suikoden Tactics and it is beyond apparent once the plot reveal occurs just how much she cared for her child even with so much keeping them from direct communication. It was great how Yohn being a mother is a central and major focus of the game’s storyline.

Sarah Sisulart & Seth Balmore (Lost Odyssey)

Writeup by Alana Hagues

Lost Odyssey artwork of Sarah Sisulart & Seth Balmore, one clad in a yellow robe, white bustier, and black pantaloons, and the other in a lacy golden skirt with leather and metal boots and gloves, holding a large sword over her shoulder.

Shoutout to Lost Odyssey for having two playable moms in the party! Both Seth and Sarah are Immortals who have had their memories wiped, but their family bonds are what help them remember their past. Seth’s son, Sed, is a pirate; the two used to sail the high seas together until Seth lost her memory. When they’re reunited, their bond is stronger than ever, with Sed affectionately calling Seth “Momma.” She’s both a leader and a mother to Sed, and he respects and loves her endlessly.

Sarah has had a much tougher time, believing she lost her daughter 50 years prior to the events of the game. After her husband, main character Kaim, finds his daughter on her deathbed during the events of the game, he takes their grandkids, Mack and Cooke, on his adventure, and the twins manage to save their grandmother from her grief. Learning her daughter lived a happy life gives Sarah the strength she needs to fight back, and she gets the chance to start all over again and get to know her grandkids.

These two tough moms are different in nature, but their family is the most important thing to them.

Leandra Amell, Hawke’s Mom (Dragon Age II)

Writeup by Audra Bowling

Dragon Age II artwork of Leandra Amell, a woman with short black hair and a grave expression, wearing a leather choker and low-cut linen robe.

Leandra Amell is a mother character that the player literally grows up alongside over the course of several points in main character Hawke’s life. She is her own person with her own strong views and insight into the events going on in Kirkwall, and Hawke’s actions in particular. As in real life, parent and child don’t often see eye to eye, yet Leandra’s care and love for her children is a constant. Her having been with Hawke from the very beginning makes for one of the more emotional scenes later on in Dragon Age II.

Mom (Pokémon Series)

Writeup by Alana Hagues

Pokémon X & Y anime screenshot of Grace, a woman with short brown hair with a sweater tied around her waist, leaning on a fence smiling next to a perched Fletchling.
Image credit: Bulbapedia

Your mom in the Pokémon games feels exactly like your own mom when you go on your very first school trip. You see her first as you wake up and head downstairs, unaware of the events that are about to take place. She’s often in the kitchen, cleaning, reminiscing about the days when she went on her own Pokémon adventure. Each mom in every generation is different, and they’ve each experienced different things, but they always see you off as you go on your own Pokémon journey.

Also, we’ve seen your dad become a Gym Leader, so isn’t it about time your mom got their time in the limelight? Sword and Shield, let’s make your mom the Pokémon Champion of Galar.

Irina Reinford, Alisa’s Mom (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series)

Writeup by Audra Bowling

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel screenshot of Irina Reinford, a serious-looking woman with short blonde hair wearing business attire and a magenta scarf standing with a lavender-haired female companion in a skimpy leather outfit.

Irina Reinford is a calm, collected, and coldly professional businesswoman who single-handedly kept her family’s company afloat and prosperous during tumultuous times. Unfortunately, her focus on doing so left little room for developing a strong bond with her daughter, who has differing viewpoints on her mother’s accomplishments. Alisa is argumentative and hostile to Irina in many of their scenes together, with Irina acting oddly indifferent to her. However, as the player advances further along in the series, they see just how strongly Irina cares about her family, especially her daughter, as it is revealed everything she’s done is for Alisa’s sake, regardless of whether Alisa understands it or not. Irina is proud of her daughter for standing up for herself and for wanting to help lead the company even though she doesn’t often show it, and she uniquely encourages her whenever she can.

Meredith Quill, Star-Lord’s Mom (Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series)

Writeup by Audra Bowling

Guardians of the Galaxy screenshot of Meredith Quill, a woman in a purple sweater sharing a pair of headphones with Star-Lord.
Image credit: Gaming Tubes

Meredith Quill is a constant presence in Star-Lord Peter Quill’s life, even after her tragic death when he was still quite young. She’s shown to be a kind-hearted soul who cares deeply about her son. Meredith is understandably worried about what will happen to Peter once she succumbs to her illness, so she’s depicted as trying to instill in him a strong sense of right and wrong. She even arranges for him to be taken care of after her passing, though in a rather unorthodox way. The bond between both mother and son is shown to be immensely strong throughout the game, staying with the player all the way to the conclusion.

And then there’s these two…

Jenova, Sephiroth’s Mom (Final Fantasy VII)

Writeup by Emony Tjan

Final Fantasy VII artwork of Jenova, a female humanoid alien in a large glass containment tube, with several rubes and cords attached to her blue skin.
Image credit: Final Fantasy Wiki

Jenova is a mother of a kind to everyone’s favourite silver-haired psychopath. When she’s not trying to end the world as we know it, she’s playing absent mother to a wayward son, who is desperate for her… uh… approval? Mind control can make you do crazy things, is what we’re saying. By the end of it all, you’ll be facing down mother and child to make the world a better place.

We’re sure there’s a Mother’s Day message here somewhere, but you may have to find it for us.

Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI (Final Fantasy IX)

Writeup by Alana Hagues

Final Fantasy IX screenshot of Queen Brahne, a huge blue-skinned woman in elaborate garb that looks more like an ogre than human, fanning herself with her royal guard in the background.
Image credit: Final Fantasy Wiki

Queen Brahne is definitely not a model mother throughout the events of Final Fantasy IX. She causes her daughter to run away, is prepared to put her in harm’s way to extract the Eidolons from her, and even disregards her safety. But Garnet is on a journey to save her and make her see the error of her ways. Brahne’s abhorrent nature and spoilt manner paint her in a horrible light to the player, but Garnet remembers the best parts of her, a kind and just ruler and mother. She wants to find that spark again. And Brahne, despite all of the atrocities caused by her while under Kuja’s control, has one of the saddest deaths in the game. She talks to her daughter properly, repents for all she’s done, and endorses Garnet for the throne. It shows just how much she really did care for her daughter and how much power and greed had blinded her. Brahne remembers who she was and who her daughter deserved, but much too late.

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