Final Fantasy 1987 – 1994


Review by · June 10, 2000

Note: There are multiple versions of this CD, PSCN-9101 and PSCN-5011 (with NTTP-5011 being a reprint of PSCN-5011). PSCN-9101 was the Special Edition and came with a large book filled with poems and other writings by Nobuo Uematsu (in Japanese). There is no difference in the music between the CDs, however.

Final Fantasy 1987-1994 is a compilation, or a “best of” CD of various songs from different soundtracks to Final Fantasy I up to Final Fantasy VI, along with two unreleased tracks and a few remixes. CD’s that tracks are taken from are: Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite, Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon, Final Fantasy III Eternal Legend of the Wind, Final Fantasy V Piano Collections, Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale, and Final Fantasy V Dear Friends. The great thing about this CD is that it contains tracks that are hard to find anywhere else, i.e. the two unreleased tracks along with tracks from Symphonic Suite, Final Fantasy III Eternal Legend of the Wind, Final Fantasy V Dear Friends, (Unless you buy the cheap Son May ripoff version *shakes fist in general direction of Taiwan) and Final Fantasy V Piano Collections track.

I found the selection of tracks in this CD to be pretty good. There was a wide range of moods displayed along with a nice selection of music. They range from live, to synthed, to voiced. The two unreleased tracks are very nice: the Chocobo Theme is upbeat and well arranged (and kewl), and the Final Fantasy Piano Version was an appropriate end to the CD. I really liked the Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon tracks, and they fit well with the CD. The Symphonic Suite Tracks were a welcome addition, especially since it is hard to find this CD anymore, along with the Final Fantasy V Piano Collections track, “Dear Friends.” I would recommend this CD to someone who is just starting to get into Final Fantasy music, and have played the Super Nintendo/Famicom Games. Unfortunately, only one Final Fantasy VI track here and they could have easily included some selections from the Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections, but it’s still a great collection, especially for those who were into the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Final Fantasy’s. If you already own some or most of the CD’s that the tracks were taken from, it’s still a nice CD to have for the unreleased and hard to find tracks as an addition to your collection.

The REGULAR EDITION of this CD is relatively easy to find.

Freddie’s Overall Grade: 91%

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