Tales of Phantasia Original Soundtrack Complete Version


Review by · May 16, 2000

Not the most-sought-after soundtrack, but very hard-to-find nonetheless, the Tales of Phantasia OST is a great. Originally recorded for Super Famicom in its latest years, the quality is amazing. Every song has its own “this song fits great in the Tales series” sort of sound. Motoi Sakuraba did a great job with this one. Many don’t know that this is one of his works; I didn’t until after some thorough investigation as even the soundtrack didn’t say! However, the PSX Opening and Ending tracks cannot be found on the CD, even though it was released as a “Complete Version” soundtrack (after the PSX music was brought together). To get those tracks, there is a single called Tales of Phantasia ~ The Dream Will Not Die. There are some vocals here however, such as the bonus track “Happy Happy!”, performed by Mika Kanai, the voice actress for Arche.

So for all you super-Tales fans who want this soundtrack, there’s only one place to get it: CD Japan. The reason they haven’t sold out of it, in my speculation, is that they list it as the “Tales of Fantagia” soundtrack…I suggest that when you find the CD you search by the catalog number VICL-60369. Enjoy the samples – I’m sure you’ll want the CD after hearing them! 🙂

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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