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Rhythm Encounter 64 – Bravely New World

Rhythm Encounter 064 Bravely Default

Bravely Default and Bravely Second are two 3DS throwback RPGs from Square Enix, with a new 2021 entry for the Switch in Bravely Default II. To celebrate the Bravely series and its excellent soundtracks, Rhythm Encounter assembled a panel of three Revo-and-Ryo superfans to discuss this preeminent pair of RPG musical scores, from sea shanties in the sky to live rock opera concerts to sea shanties in the sky to live rock opera concerts to…

Featuring: Michael Sollosi, Kaleb Curry, Jonathan Logan; Edited by Micah Coates


1st Movement – We’re on a Boat 
0:08:11 – Ship Soaring Through the Heavens – Bravely Default: Flying Fairy OST
0:11:04 – The Grand Ship (Sea Shanty) – Bravely Second: End Layer OST
2nd Movement – Lovers and Fighters
0:30:15 – That Person’s Name Is – Bravely Default: Flying Fairy OST
0:35:52 – Theme of Altair and Vega – Bravely Second: End Layer OST
3rd Movement – Wake Me Up Before You Kikou
0:53:44 – You Are My Hope [Vocalized Version] – Luxendarc Kikou / Linked Horizon
0:58:58 – Prayer of the Vestal [String Quartet Version] – Luxendarc Daikikou / Linked Horizon
1:24:08 – Sollosi’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Original Soundtrack

Bravely Second End Layer Original Soundtrack

Bravely Default II Original Soundtrack

Luxendarc Daikikou / Linked Horizon

Luxendarc Kikou / Linked Horizon

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Michael Sollosi

Michael Sollosi

Sollosi joined RPGFan in 2014 as part of the music section but switched lanes to podcasting a year later, eventually becoming showrunner of the Retro Encounter podcast. Outside of RPGFan, Sollosi works in a government engineering office, enjoys visiting local parks and petting local dogs, and dreams of a second Ys vs Trails fighting game.

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