Kaleb Curry

Former Features Writer

Kaleb Curry

You take your dog out for a walk on a beautiful, sunny day. You hear footsteps, a flash, and… tears? It’s a man, crying because he loves your dog so much. That man is probably Kaleb Curry. When not busy with that, Kaleb is a features writer. He cut his teeth on Final Fantasy X, and has been in love with the genre ever since. Kaleb will overthink all things RPG, and tends to go down the rabbit hole once he falls in love with an idea. He might just drag you down with him. It’s cool though, at least there are rabbits.

Favourite Games/Series

Bravely Series, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Kirby, Mega Man, Star Ocean, Tales of, Zelda, and almost any Indie RPG he gets his hands on

Favourite Genres

JRPGs, Indies, Action, Platformers, Puzzlers

Misc Interests

Education, Animation, Animals, and all things spoopy

Time at RPGFan

November 2020–November 2021