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Final Fantasy X, X-2 Sales Top 20.8 Million; Kabuki Play Premieres 2023

Final Fantasy X HD screenshot

Gematsu has reported that total shipments and digital sales for Final Fantasy X and X-2, including all rereleases, have surpassed 20.8 million units as of September 2021. In 2013, Square Enix had shared that the games sold 14 million units, so the subsequently released X/X-2 HD Remaster presumably makes up most of the 6.8 million remainder. Let’s celebrate with a round of “Otherworld”!

A Final Fantasy X Kabuki Play Launches Next Spring

As part of the Final Fantasy 35th anniversary festivities, Square Enix announced a Final Fantasy X kabuki play coming Spring 2023. There isn’t much going on with the website right now, but interested folks may want to keep posted.

We hold the Final Fantasy X games in very high regard here at RPGFan. You’ll want to start with our review of the HD remaster, but we also dedicated two Retro Encounter episodes to X-2 fairly recently. Don’t miss Daniel’s lovely piece on X‘s soundtrack, GC’s paean to blitzball, and Neal’s ruminations on rebuilding Spira. Lastly, stay tuned to RPGFan for all the latest Final Fantasy news!

Source: Gematsu

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