Kyle Seeley

Former Features Writer

Kyle Seeley

Part-time features writer, part-time proofreader, and part-time podcast personality, Kyle joined RPGFan in 2018 and continues to contribute to RPGFan in several capacities, both front-facing and behind-the-scenes. An '80s child, Kyle was introduced to RPGs with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and has never looked back.

Favourite Games/Series

Alundra, Azure Dreams, Breath of Fire, Castlevania, Earthbound, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Lunar, SaGa Frontier, Shin Megami Tensei, Tales Series, Wild Arms, and anything Quintet made.

Favourite Genres

JRPGs, Roguelikes, 2D Platformers, Puzzle, Fighting, and Point-and-Click Adventure games.

Time at RPGFan

October 2018–September 2023

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