Tales of the Abyss


Released to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary, Tales of the Abyss is one of the most story rich entries in the series. The amnesiac Luke fon Fabre, a spoiled nobleman, is unwillingly thrust into the middle of a political conflict, where he is forced to confront his past and discover the meaning behind his existence

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Tales of the Abyss Christine Radler-Thomas Sony PlayStation 2

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Bump of Chicken – supernova / Karma Dennis Rubinshteyn November 23, 2005
Motoo Fujiwara – Song For Tales of the Abyss Jennifer Gann March 22, 2006
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann August 27, 2008
Tales of Series Battle Arrange Tracks 2 Neal Chandran November 16, 2011
Tales of Series Piano Arrange Tracks Patrick Gann September 24, 2008
Tales of the Abyss Original Soundtrack Vincent T. J. Sier Chorley March 22, 2006