Adam Luhrs

RPGFan Music Contributor

Adam Luhrs

The last remaining member of our 2016 Music Hiring Drive, Adam loves game music almost as much as he loves Final Fantasy VI. Adam apparently doesn't want to have a predictable career path, doing both theater work in addition to his career in IT. Adam spends his days appreciating his wife, and the likes of Yuzo Koshiro's music.

Favourite Games/Series

The Legend of Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Metroid, Sin and Punishment, Ys, Mega Man, Cave Story, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Monkey Island, Blackwell, Gemini Rue, Ace Attorney

Favourite Genres

JRPGs, ARPGs, Platformers, Point-and-Click Adventures, Action Adventures

Misc Interests

Theater, choral music, fantasy/mystery/horror literature, tabletop gaming

Time at RPGFan

June 2016–Present

Where I'm From

Denver, CO