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RPGFan Games of the Year 2022: Best Action RPG

GOTY 2022 Best Action RPG Elden Ring

Winner: Elden Ring

Elden Ring may be FromSoftware‘s newest IP, but it’s a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series in all but name. Rather than resting on the Souls series’ many laurels, however, FromSoftware have expanded pretty much everything the games have to offer.

The combat of Elden Ring may be deceptively simple at first glance. Most of your direct battle abilities are bound to the shoulder buttons, with the four face buttons in charge of general movement facilitation. This intuitive control scheme allows for some real depth in mechanics and scenarios, with the vast array of weapons, skills, and magic allowing you to create your perfect build.

The Lands Between, the world of Elden Ring, is an exponentially larger journey than anything seen before from FromSoftware. Its fluid and visceral combat, along with stunningly beautiful environments heaped with lore, made it a true masterpiece and standout contender for 2022’s Game of the Year.

by Sam-James Gordon

Runner-Up: Horizon Forbidden West

It’s a tale as old as time: Pepsi vs. Coke. Betamax vs. VHS. Horizon vs. whichever greatest game of all time came out a week after its release.

Once again, Guerrilla drew the unlucky straw, releasing the awesome Horizon Forbidden West just one week before FromSoftware’s smash-hit Elden Ring. This follows 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn releasing one week before Breath of the Wild. They cannot catch a break, and that’s a tragedy. The Horizon series, particularly Forbidden West, are stunning showcases with imaginative open worlds, epic stories, and incredibly compelling characters. Thankfully, no one could ever stop Aloy on her quest to save the world, and the same goes for the folks at Guerrilla. With a second expected sequel, VR title, and rumored multiplayer spin-off, I believe the Horizon series will continue until it finally succeeds in gaining the recognition it deserves. Unless, of course, Breath of the Wild 3 is released a week later.

by Jonathan Logan

Readers’ Choice: Best Action RPG

Winner: Elden Ring

Runner-Up: Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Logan

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