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Rhythm Encounter 61 – A Very Yoko Shimomura January

Rhythm Encounter 061 Yoko Shimomura

We’re back with a panel of four this time, and how else could we follow up our primer to female game composers than to discuss the inimitable Yoko Shimomura and her many contributions to RPG music? We’ve got Live A Live, Kingdom Hearts, Mario RPGs, and more…not to mention a large amount of Legend of Mana. Shimomura has been a force helping game music gain recognition as an art form, so join Hilary, Pat, Peter, and Greg as they delve into her legacy, performances, interpretations of her work, and her many years in the industry as well! This episode also features several notable related links below, all of which come up in the episode. Don’t forget to take a peek!

Featuring: Hilary Andreff, Greg Delmage, Patrick Gann, Peter Triezenberg; Edited by Mike Salbato

Links for this episode


0:10:13 – MEGALOMANIA – Live A Live OST 
0:11:47 – APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS Jazz Arrangement (Arr. Eijiro Nakagawa) – SQUARE ENIX JAZZ Vol. 2
0:33:39 – Colored Earth – Legend of Mana OST
0:38:05 – Arise Within You – Parasite Eve OST
0:54:30 – Sad Song – Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version
0:55:27 – Nachtflügel – Kingdom Hearts – III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ – Original Soundtrack
1:17:22 – Going Through the Flame ~Seiken Densetsu Legend of MANA Dragon Killer Medley~ (arr. Sachiko Miyano) – Memória! – The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura
1:23:21 – Elegie (Front Mission) (arr. Sachiko Miyano) – Memória! – The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura
1:58:18 – Bonus Track!

Bonus background track
1:49:12 – Hometown – Xenoblade OST

Album Links

Kingdom Hearts – III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ – Original Soundtrack

Legend of Mana Original Soundtrack

Live A Live Original Soundtrack

memória! – The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura

Parasite Eve Original Soundtrack


Super Mario RPG Original Sound Version

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