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RPGFan’s 35 Most Anticipated Games of 2023 (Part 3)

RPGFan’s 35 Most Anticipated Games of 2023

You like classics? We have the best classics here. Additionally, we have some fun romhacks, and some games that want to look and feel like the some of the other classics on this list.

Path of the Midnight Sun

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Consoles Later

A purple screenshot of a person with a hat on in Path of the Midnight Sun

Originally a popular romhack of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, developer Studio Daimon has since completely overhauled and revamped the upcoming visual novel/RPG hybrid Path of the Midnight Sun into what looks to be an extremely promising indie title. The game’s animated Live2D artwork is stellar, the voice acting is top-notch, and the soundtrack is fully orchestrated. In addition, its battle system appears robust, offering plenty of customization options for characters. There’s even a relationship-building system in play that promises to influence both story and combat. I’ve been nothing but impressed by the level of detail put into Path of the Midnight Sun. That it’s a hybrid of two of my favorite video game genres has me looking forward to joining our heroes in their attempt to take on the Demon King when the game releases in early 2023.

Writeup by Audra Bowling

Persona 3 Portable & Persona 4 Golden

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 – January 19th

A screenshot of the protagonist in Persona 4

Come January 19th, Persona 3 Portable will officially be unshackled from its PlayStation Portable (and Vita) chains, while Persona 4 Golden will finally be available on modern devices that aren’t PCs and aren’t named the Steam Deck. Sure, there won’t be anything in the way of new content, but these timeless classics will absolutely sell like gangbusters anyway

I’m looking forward to finally giving P3P‘s female protagonist route a shake. The music‘s been in my rotation for years, and I’m so looking forward to the pink menus in crisp HD. I’m pretty eager about the new friendship and romance options too, but I feel obliged to mention that having the option to date a 10-year-old stays cringe-inducing. Well, it’s easy enough not to do.

On P4G, I think Bob has you covered with his review of the PC port. It doesn’t really matter where you play it; just do.

Writeup by Gio Castillo

Sea of Stars

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5

Sea of Stars screenshot of two characters in a colorful forest at the edge of a cliff.

If you’re a JRPG fan and the words “inspired by Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and Illusion of Gaia” pique your interest, look no further. Sea of Stars is a promising indie title that’s taking lessons from old classics and combining them with modern-day features.

Every time Sabotage Studio shares new information about this game, I’m in awe. Its pixel art looks simply stunning, and the use of dynamic lighting only adds to the game’s vibrant atmosphere.

However, It’s not all about looks. Gameplay and story matter too! Luckily, Sea of Stars seems to have that covered. The developers have promised engaging turn-based combat featuring locks, timed hits, and combo moves combined with seamless traversal and a captivating story.

I was a little gutted earlier this year when the title was delayed into 2023, especially after reading such positive hands-on previews. Though they say, “good things come to those who wait,” so let’s hope that’s the case for Sea of Stars.

Roll on, 2023!

Writeup by Tom Cox

She Dreams Elsewhere

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

She Dreams Elsewhere Screenshot

The official trailer for She Dreams Elsewhere was uploaded three years ago. It ends by saying the game will be released in 2019. Likely to roll some eyes when reading about it, She Dreams Elsewhere may seem like another indie title inspired by EarthBound or Undertale about depression. However, based on my short time with the demo and how it’s being marketed, there’s much more to She Dreams Elsewhere than simply being an indie RPG based on depression; the game strikes me as a well-thought-out surreal concept based on mental wellness.

She Dreams Elsewhere employs a contrasting art style, having much of the game in black and white with stark blues and purples drawing attention to specific objects. The soundtrack is mainly being composed by Mimi Page, who has a small sampling of songs on her website that sound incredible. I’m not concerned whether or not She Dreams Elsewhere will be great; I’m only concerned about whether or not it’ll be released in 2023. Good luck, Studio Zevere. I’m rooting for you.

Writeup by Nick Mangiaracina

Star Trek: Resurgence

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5

A screenshot that looks like Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek Resurgence

Some might argue that we’re already in the middle of a Star Trek resurgence! Between Discovery (meh), Picard (ugh), Lower Decks (yay), Prodigy (hmm), and Strange New Worlds (woohoo), Trekkies have more shows on our hands than we’ve had in decades. We can expect that bounty of riches to continue on consoles and PCs in 2023 with a brand-new Trek adventure game set shortly after the end of The Next Generation. The team developing Star Trek: Resurgence is made up of former Telltale employees, so the game will likely be filled with many of the same narrative options and difficult choices they were famous for back in the 2010s. The idea of a new adventure set in the TNG era has me insanely excited, and I can only hope that the team at Dramatic Labs can take us where no Star Trek video game has gone before!

Writeup by Jono Logan


Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5

A screenshot from Starfield

The epochal wait for Bethesda’s space epic Starfield is almost over, and as the game was announced in 2018, we’re all undoubtedly ready for it to finally land. Boasting an astronomical (sorry) level of exploration, you’ll be able to traverse entire planets — thousands of them — rather than a few locations on each. The vast customization and player choice Bethesda is known for should be in full force. And getting to design your own ship should complete the interstellar experience. Details on framing and story are still scarce, but the people of space must be chatty, considering the game’s 250,000 lines of dialogue. Hopefully, a few of those lines are winners.

The string of announcements and delays this year alone and a tentative release date of the first half of 2023 make anticipation for Starfield a complicated feeling. Despite any misgivings, however, Bethesda tends to over-deliver on marquee projects, making “Space Skyrim” something to look forward to whenever it launches.

Writeup by Abraham Kobylanski

Suikoden I & II HD Remaster: Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4

Suikoden I & II HD Remaster screenshot of Riou and Jowy conversing on a cliff at night with a waterfall in the background (remastered graphics)

Suikoden lives. Suikoden lives. It’s alive, and it’s here (or will be), and half of RPGFan stands ready to drive home just how badly you need to play two of the best RPGs ever made. As if just having access to Suikoden I & II isn’t enough, we’re looking at some powerful upgrades. You want beautiful backgrounds? You want some fresh as hell new character art? How do you feel about quality of life additions like auto battle and speedup? Well they’re all in there, friendos!

But that’s not the real selling point. The real selling point of these Suikoden I & II HD Remasters is the dirty little secret we’ve all been trying to dance around. The teeny tiny asterisk on our constant glowing praise. The Suikoden fan’s greatest shame: a translation that, in generous terms, leaves something to be desired. Well no longer! Let’s add a brand spankin’ new translation to the list! Do you feel that energy? Do you feel the electricity? That’s Suikoden, baby!

Writeup by Wes Iliff

Tales of Symphonia Remastered

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 – February 17th

Tales of Symphonia Remastered screenshot

GameCube darling Tales of Symphonia returns with a full HD Remaster in 2023. RPG fans adore Symphonia for its fun characters, mature themes, and fast-paced combat system. For many Tales of fans, Symphonia‘s remastering gives us a prime opportunity to replay a beloved JRPG with a fresh coat of paint. Fresh off the heels of his viral Smash Bros. inclusion push, protagonist Lloyd Irving returns with his friends in tow. Set in the land of Sylvarant, Lloyd and friends must take “The Chosen One,” Colette, to assist in her journey of World Regeneration. Along the way, Symphonia has many humorous moments highlighted by the unique Tales of party dialogue system.

However, It’s not all fun and games, as Symphonia‘s tale features some serious and sometimes dark moments. This unique blend led to Symphonia being a personal JRPG favorite during both the GameCube era and as an all-time classic. While the game is far from perfect, many like-minded individuals recognize what Tales of Symphonia brought to the Nintendo table in the early 2000s. I’m looking forward to revisiting a brilliant cast, fun combat and crafting systems, and the return of the second most prominent Kratos in gaming history.

Writeup by Daniel Hernandez

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4 – Release: February 16th

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Screenshot

It actually took me until the week before writing this to realize this is the first time a Theatrhythm game is omitting “Final Fantasy” in its title (aside from Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, of course). Admittedly, “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Final Bar Line” would be an awkward read even for a Square Enix title, but I applaud the simplicity. That simplicity does not carry over to Theatrhythm Final Bar Line‘s content, however, which is packed with over 500 songs. Most music is from Final Fantasy, but Final Bar Line continues the series’ tradition of adding more non-FF music, including songs from Xenogears, NieR, SaGa, LIVE A LIVE, Chrono, Mana, Octopath, and more. New game modes, multiplayer, and the same goofy and lovable presentation we have come to know and love in Theatrhythm are present as well. I wanted a home version of the arcade-based Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival for years, and Final Bar Line is essentially that in a more approachable package.

Writeup by Mike Salbato

The Wolf Among Us 2

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5

The Wolf Among Us 2 screenshot of Bigby silhouetted in a dark doorway backlit by moonlight

2013’s The Wolf Among Us told the story of a string of murders in Fabletown, a hidden neighborhood of New York City where characters from fairy tales, myth, and folklore live in uneasy retirement. Fabletown’s sheriff Bigby Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf from both The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood) made allies and enemies of several fictional characters in bringing the killer and their associates to justice. The Wolf Among Us was a fan-favorite title within the catalog of Telltale Games.

However, the 2018 closure of Telltale Games put a halt to all their ongoing projects, including The Wolf Among Us 2. Following a restructuring of the studio, The Wolf Among Us 2 is back on track for a 2023 release, but can Telltale Games recapture the spirit of their 2010s narrative adventures? We don’t know yet, but here’s hoping we’re blown away like a house made of straw.

Writeup by Michael Sollosi


Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5 – Release: May

WrestleQuest a player at the facepaint store

Ya’ know somethin’ brother?! It’s not every day that you find an RPG with the guts to step into the squared circle. Of possible video game subgenre tag teams, you’d think pro wrestling and JRPGs would be least likely to get along. Well, think again! Here’s WrestleQuest, ready to hit the grandest stage of ‘em all. Randy “Muchacho Man” Santos is prepared to work his way to the top as the only one who still believes it’s “real.” Traditional JRPG combat is injected with some true-to-wrasslin’ twists, including needing to pin your enemies’ shoulders for the 1-2-3. The bottom line is that if the combat doesn’t get ya’, then the appearance of legendary classic ‘rasslers, like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Andre the Giant, and Randy “Macho Man” Savage himself, will make you dig it! It’s still real to the Muchacho Man, and WrestleQuest will be real for everyone, when it’s released in May. Whatcha’ gonna’ do when Mega Cat Studios runs wild on you??!!!!

Writeup by Abraham Kobylanski

Zach Wilkerson

Zach Wilkerson

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