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Sunday, March 29th

1pm PDT / 4pm EDT


Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim w/Maxx
1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn w/Kat
5pm PDT / 8pm EDT


The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero w/Scott
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT


The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero w/Scott
4pm PDT / 7pm EDT


Xenoblade Chronicles X w/Kyle
2pm PDT / 5pm EDT

The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero w/Scott
6pm PDT / 9pm EDT


Xenoblade Chronicles X w/Kyle
2pm PDT / 5pm EDT

Variety Night w/Scott
6pm PDT / 9pm EDT


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair w/Scott & Steph
10am PDT / 1pm EDT

Fairy Tail Adds Strongman Gildarts Into Its Roster, New Story Trailer Unveiled

03.27.20 A crushingly powerful addition, on all fronts.

Combat Takes the Stage in New Sakura Wars Trailer

03.27.20 Battle for your homeland - in style!

1.01 Update Now Available for Grandia HD Collection on Switch

03.26.20 Also available for Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster on Steam.

Episode 2 of Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake Video Series Now Available

03.26.20 How have the timeless characters of Final Fantasy VII made the transition to 2020?

Code of Princess To Be Removed From 3DS eShop on March 31st

03.26.20 This is sometimes the way of things.

Code Vein Third Season Pass DLC 'Lord of Thunder' Now Available

03.26.20 Thunder and blood, on the horizon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion "Isle of Armor" Detailed in Nintendo Direct

03.26.20 The Galar region and its Pokemon are extended. Literally.

Catherine: Full Body Announced for Nintendo Switch

03.26.20 Climb your nightmares on the go!

Bravely Default II Demo Available Now

03.26.20 Will you Bravely download this demo or Default until the final game?

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Releases May 29th

03.26.20 Shulk and Melia also get a brand new epilogue!

Hands-On Preview: Stoneshard Deflates Your Delusions of Grandeur

03.25.20 But that's not necessarily a bad thing, either!

Crowdfunding Chronicles: Nekojishi: Lin & Partners

03.24.20 Every day is "Take Your Cat to Work Day" at Lin & Partners Architects.

Yoko Taro's SINoAlice Gettng Global Release on July 1st

03.24.20 A dark fantasy from the mind behind NieR and Drakengard!

Persona 5 Royal Gets New Accolades Trailer

03.24.20 It's almost time for our reunion with the Phantom Thieves!

New Content Released for SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

03.24.20 The expansion pack contains new stages and quests in the Gundam universe.

Pokemon Go is Making Some Changes to Help Players Stay At Home

03.23.20 Stay inside, be safe, and catch Pokemon.

Coming This Week, 3/23/20

03.23.20 This week is full of card games, but they are not necessarily for children.

Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview Book

03.22.20 Get in-depth behind the scenes of FFVIIR this fall.

Twitch Sunday: The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero (Zero no Kiseki)

03.21.20 While we're waiting on localization news of the PS4 version, we have the next best thing!

One Week Remains: Win a Copy of KNIGHT OF THE ROUND's New Final Fantasy VII Tribute Album, SEVEN

03.20.20 If you're a fan of the sounds of FFVII and metal, don't delay in entering!

Retro Encounter 228: RPG Adaptations Part II

03.19.20 That's not how it was in the manga

Trials of Mana Demo and New Game Plus Details Emerge

03.19.20 Try the game out for yourself right now!
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