ABYSS X ZERO May Scratch That 24-Year Mega Man Legends Itch

Studio Pixel Punk impressed us with their first game in 2021: UNSIGHTED fared quite well in Jerry’s review. The two-person team has revealed their next title, ABYSS X ZERO, and if I wasn’t sitting down already, I’d need to. PSone-esque visuals are very in right now, but there’s such a particular fee… Read More »

Summer Game Fest: Monster Hunter Wilds Demo Preview

The Monster Hunter series has taunted me for years, but I’ve never dipped my toes in. Maybe it’s because the gear grind doesn’t sound like my speed or because fans of the series love it so intensely it’s a bit intimidating. After watching a brief 30-minute gameplay demo of Monster Hunter Wilds at Su… Read More »

Visions of Mana Launches August 29th for PS5, PS4, XSX, and PC

Visions of Mana is arriving sooner than rumors suggested. Developer and publisher Square Enix has announced that the newest entry in the Mana series will be released worldwide on August 29th, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. Check out the a… Read More »

SacriFire Lights Up Summer Showcase Once Again

For those of us that have come to know this time of year as “Not-E3”, SacriFire has become a staple tease. Just ask our resident reviewer Audra Bowling, who covered the game on back-to-back June 11ths (2022 and 2023). The bad news? Another summer gaming showcase has come and gone (Future Games Show… Read More »

The Relic: First Guardian Flashes Souls-like Gameplay at Future Games Show

To announce The Relic: First Guardian as a Souls-like action RPG after the new Future Games Show 2024 trailer is akin to watching a cringe-worthy hotel advertisement — “Thanks, Captain Obvious.” Details are precious few for the moment, but according to publisher Perp Games (Withering Rooms) and deve… Read More »
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Retro Encounter Final Thoughts: Omori

Michael Sollosi Before starting Omori, I knew it by reputation. This is an RPG about trauma and depression, and it handles those two topics earnestly in the form of a retro-styled RPG. But Omori is also considerably more.  Sadness, joy, and anger are status effects-slash-status buffs that are employ… Read More »

Souls-like Side-Scroller Mandragora Gets Deep Dive at Future Games Show

Publisher Marvelous Europe and developer Primal Game Studio offered a deep dive into their latest project, Mandragora, during this weekend’s Future Games Show 2024. What is Mandragora? Well, you’ve heard of 2D side scrollers and 3D Souls-likes, but have you ever stopped to consider what a 2.5D side-… Read More »

Demonschool Comes Forth on Friday, September 13th; Demo Available Now!

During the recent PC Gaming Show, publisher Ysbryd Games shared new footage (below) and a long-awaited release date release date for turn-based tactical RPG Demonschool: Friday, September 13th, 2024. Developed by Necrosoft Games, Demonschool takes obvious visual and thematic influence from early ent… Read More »

Phantom Blade Zero Hands-On Preview at Summer Game Fest

With impressive trailers that spotlight the game’s eye-catching combat, sick-looking combos, and ruthless action, Phantom Blade Zero piqued my interest in experiencing how the game actually feels to play. Does the gameplay hold up to the intensity of its visuals? After checking out a demo at Summer… Read More »

Scout Out Through the Fallout? Fallout 76: Skyline Valley Unveils New World Map Expansion

Arguably the most RPG-packed summer gaming showcase last weekend was Sunday’s Xbox Games Show. Names like Dragon Age, Starfield, and Fable were among the heaviest hitters, but Bethesda Game Studios, ever present, announced the release of “Appalachia’s first ever map expansion” for Fallout 76: Skylin… Read More »

Path of Exile 2 Impressions at Summer Game Fest

My time with Path of Exile 2 at Summer Game Fest began with the age-old question: among warriors, archers, casters, and the like, what character class would I choose to play? To help with my decision, the menu came with nifty previews of the skills that each of the twelve classes would unlock down t… Read More »

Avowed Wows With New Story Trailer

Prepare yourself for a journey into the Living Lands to figure out the root cause of a dastardly plague! During the Xbox Games Showcase, Obsidian Games premiered a new trailer for their upcoming first-person RPG, Avowed. The trailer sets up the story for your next adventure into Eora, the world of P… Read More »

Dustborn Dazzles Future Games Show With New Gameplay Trailer

The first six months of 2024 have been so jam-packed that we absolutely forgive you if you already forgot that we went hands-on near the end of March with Dustborn, a new action-adventure title from developer Red Thread Games and publisher Quantic Dream. Dustborn occupied a space on our most anticip… Read More »

Dragon Age: The Veilguard First Hour Impressions at Summer Game Fest

“Choices and consequences.” That’s what the Creative Director of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, John Epler, repeatedly promised while showing me and a few others the opening hour of the game at Summer Game Fest’s Play Days. Of course, Dragon Age has always been about choices and consequences. Now, it se… Read More »

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Releases July 18th

Developer A44 Games (Ashen) and publisher Kepler Interactive (Cat Quest III) are coming together for what could be one of the biggest hits of the summer: Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn’s four-word elevator pitch is “explosive indie Souls-lite”. Set in the world of Kian, d… Read More »

Starfield: Shattered Space Expansion Scares Up 2024 Release

Bethesda Game Studios’ space opera, Starfield, is growing larger with its first expansion. Revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, Starfield: Shattered Space increases the sci-fi horror while adding new weapons, spacesuits and gear. Check out the first look at the expansion below. Starfield: S… Read More »

Wuchang: Fallen Feathers, a Souls-like Game That Ain’t Nothin’ to Mess With

Chinese developer Leenzee and publisher 505 Games have announced Wuchang: Fallen Feathers, a dark and dreary Souls-like action RPG. The latest from 505 Games immerses players in a dark fantasy version of the late Ming Dynasty, a period rife with warring factions and a mysterious illness turning huma… Read More »

Zenless Zone Zero Launches for PS5 and Mobile on July 4th

If you’re from the United States of America, you might have to adjust your plans for the Fourth of July. Everyone else, you’re all set for the release date of HoYoverse’s next free-to-play epic, Zenless Zone Zero! This action RPG launches digitally for PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS devices on July… Read More »

Wake Up Sleeper Head! Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector Reveals First Gameplay Footage

The words “World Premiere” were about as plentiful as gameplay footage was scarce, during the big summer gaming showcases this past weekend. However, the two did manage to come together during publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over the Age’s new trailer for Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Ve… Read More »

Random Encounter 298 – Not-E3 2024 Extravaganza!

On this week’s Random Encounter, we’re all in on Not-E3 2024! For video game fans, this is one of the biggest weekends of the year, with nonstop announcements, trailers, and demos to fill your every waking hour! They’ve sure been filling ours, and that’s why we’ve assembled an expert panel to break… Read More »

Wish Upon Wander Stars in New Anime Inspired RPG

Wander Stars, developed by Paper Castle and published by indie label Fellow Traveller, debuted its Story Reveal Trailer during this weekend’s PC Gaming Show. No release date was announced, but both a PC and NIntendo Switch version are in development, with a demo currently available on Steam. Wander… Read More »

Metaphor: ReFantazio Hands-On at Summer Game Fest

Even after a thorough, excellent trailer showing off a variety of things Metaphor: ReFantazio will offer us when it releases in October, I wasn’t convinced that it would do enough to justify its existence as, ostensibly, a Persona spin-off set in a (mostly) medieval world. After getting about 45 min… Read More »

Metal Slug Tactics Impressions

Gamers haven’t had anything new to savor in the Metal Slug universe for quite a while. The frantic run-and-gun action was most recently available in Metal Slug XX, a revised version of Metal Slug 7 from all the way back in 2008.  Now, after a series of delays and a conspicuous silence, retro-publish… Read More »

Slay The Princess: The Pristine Cut to Launch Fall 2024

Serenity Forge and Black Tabby Games have announced that their acclaimed horror visual novel Slay the Princess will receive a definitive edition in the form of Slay the Princess: The Pristine Cut. It will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this fall. Announced… Read More »

Last Moon Demo Live on Steam

During the PC Gaming Show, French indie developer Sköll Studio showed a trailer for Last Moon revealing that a demo is up on Steam. Aside from PC, the action RPG is in development for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Peep at the announcement below if you… Read More »
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