Quinton O'Connor

News Editor

Quinton O'Connor

Legend has it Quinton O'Connor wielded the Buster Sword to carve into multiple birthday cakes throughout a tumultuous adolescence. When he's not delivering hot gaming news at RPGFan.com, he's probably hiking in parks both local and distant or spending quality time with a cat who shares her name with a popular Fire Emblem character.


Favourite Games/Series

Final Fantasy; The Legend of Zelda; Shin Megami Tensei; Pokemon; Xeno; Kiseki; Dragon Age; Mass Effect; Fire Emblem; The Elder Scrolls

Favourite Genres

RPGs; Adventure Games; Visual Novels

Misc Interests

Writing! Hiking! Traveling! Animals! Exclamation marks!

Time at RPGFan

June 2020–Present

Where I'm From

Durham, NC